︎︎︎   Mobilized - An essay pretending to be a game


︎ Mobilized is a participatory performance exploring power, smart phone use, social media and collective movements. The audience’s private phones guide them through the constructed reality of the piece as their bodies and fantasies shape the choreography. The format is based on simple instructions and choices that appear on the screen through text, images and sound. These instructions form different situations and movements for the participants to playfully engage within. 

Tour dates - fall 2023:
2023-10-07 DansPlats Skog, Gävleborg
2023-10-22 höjden house, Stockholm
2023-10-27 LudoKonst/PlayLab, Skövde
2023-10-28 Gula Villan, Järna
2023-11-14 UniArts, Stockholm
2023-11-22 Immersive Days/Inter Arts Center, Malmö
2023-12-07 Tekniska Muséet, Stockholm

︎Length: 45min 
︎ Language: English
︎ Created by Gabriel Widing and myself.
︎ Sound design by Scott Cazan.
︎ The project is supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, DansPlats Skog, Site Sweden, Inter Arts Center & Danscentrum Stockholm.

︎ +46 76-829 19 66