︎︎︎   OTHER


︎ OTHER is a computer-mediated experience for two randomly connected participants. By expanding their bodies through webcams, headsets, keyboards and mice, they might gain the capacity to reach through space. The piece explores connectivity in relation to physicality, distance and cyberspace. It is as much a celebration of the mysterious nature of all interpersonal communication, as it is a mere daydream about [creating contact] in a simultaniously more connected and increasingly alienated world. 

︎ "The experience gave an unexplored, sensitive dimension to digital communication between people."  - Danstidningen 5 (october) 2022, from the premiere at DansPlats Skog

︎Choreography & code: Nea Landin || Sound & code: Scott Cazan

︎ Supported by Kultur Gävleborg, DansPlats Skog, Gula Villan & Skeppsholmsstudion.

︎ +46 76-829 19 66